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We have the following vacations already designed and ready to put in your hands when you walk through the door.

If none of these suits you, then give us a week's advance notice of what your special wants and needs are for your Self-Directed Day Trip vacation. We will have an especially designed vacation for you when you arrive. You may want to combine some aspects of the vacations already set up or design a completely different series of day trips. We will work with you.
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The Antiquing Vacation
The Wild West Vacation
The Native American Vacation
The Photography Vacation
The Health & Healing Vacation
The History Vacation
The Hiking Vacation
The Fishing Vacation
The Wildlife Vacation
The Art Vacation
The Ghost Vacation

The Health and Healing Vacation

Health and Healing is in the very soil, air and water of Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa. It has been a place of recovery and healing for centuries and we continue that tradition.

The carpets are natural fibers designed and made especially for us.The sheets are high thread count natural cotton and the towels and Spa robes are thick, thirsty Turkish cotton. Our foods are, whenever possible, locally grown and natural. We specialize in exciting, nutritious, delicious meals and can cater to special diets on request. We are in the process of developing an International Healing Center which will combine healing practices of many cultures.

Our healing waters have been famous for centuries. The spirituality of the lands is healing. We dwell in a valley of world famous "Radon" caves that have documented amazing results with MS, arthritis and other incurable diseases. We can work out special arrangements with daily sessions in the caves. We have a wide range of massage therapists who work with us as well as many alternative practitioners and Indian Medicine People with whom we work and to whom referral is possible.

There are also regularly scheduled twelve-step meetings on site and nearby. Come and treat yourself to a Spa week or two or more . . . do a more intense program of healing that is right for you.

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