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We have the following vacations already designed and ready to put in your hands when you walk through the door.

If none of these suits you, then give us a week's advance notice of what your special wants and needs are for your Self-Directed Day Trip vacation. We will have an especially designed vacation for you when you arrive. You may want to combine some aspects of the vacations already set up or design a completely different series of day trips. We will work with you.
Click the links below to get more information on these great choices:

The Antiquing Vacation
The Wild West Vacation
The Native American Vacation
The Photography Vacation
The Health & Healing Vacation
The History Vacation
The Hiking Vacation
The Fishing Vacation
The Wildlife Vacation
The Art Vacation
The Ghost Vacation

The Wildlife Vacation

At Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa, you don't have to leave your room to have a wildlife vacation and there's more to see if you do.

The sandhill cranes come every summer to nest and hatch their young. They grace us with their songs and dance as they feed and play in the wetlands in front of the Inn and Spa. They seem not to mind the deer grazing and the foxes and coyotes hunting small prey nearby in the wetland meadows.

These residents of our 300-plus acres are sometimes visited by antelope, elk, moose, beaver, and eagles. Bird-life abounds. Moose and elk bugle during rutting season. We can also recommend hikes and vistas for wildlife sightings and watching.

The trip down the Missouri often offers glimpses of eagles, young and old, elk, deer and mountain goat and sheep and many and varied birds and waterfowl.

Montana treasures its wildlife and Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa is a wildlife sanctuary. No hunting is allowed on our property and the wildlife know it!

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