Friends of Boulder Hot Springs

Boulder Hot Springs continuously receives support from people who want to participate with the ongoing upkeep and renovation of the old historic building.  As a result, a non-profit group named Friends of Boulder Hot Springs with the goal of stewarding and restoring Boulder Hot Springs was recently formed.  Here is some information from them:

We have formed Friends of Boulder Hot Springs, in part, as a way to be able to include the many of you who love and care for Boulder Hot Springs and want to be more involved. For more information about Friends, you can read our brochure here. To become more involved with Friends of Boulder Hot Springs, we invite you to sign-up to receive our newsletter.You can sign-up by simply clicking this link and filling out a short form.

Boulder Hot Springs is currently working on various exciting projects (namely the stucco exterior and the outdoor pool and water system) and we hope to include you all in the continuous processes of stewarding and restoring this wonderful place.

Friends of Boulder Hot Springs also welcomes any donations to support ongoing restoration and stewardship projects

  • If you are able to donate any amount, it will help! Friends of Boulder Hot Springs is an official non-profit organization with the mission to support the stewardship and operation of Boulder Hot Springs. While we are still in the application phase to become tax exempt by the IRS and any donations do not yet count as charitable contributions, once approved, our tax exempt status will be retroactive to November 2022.

To donate you can…

    • Send checks here:

Friends of Boulder Hot Springs

PO Box 616

Boulder, MT 59632

    • PayPal us here or through

Questions? Contact us at