Celebrations, Wedding, Anniversaries and Reunions

Generations of Montanans have come to Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa for the special moments of their lives. Great grandparents, grandparents, and parents were married here. Anniversaries and birthdays have been celebrated here. Families have come together for reunions and to eat together and be together when loved ones have passed on.

Boulder Hot Spring Inn and Spa has been known as being a place where people meet for important events. We believe in the celebratory gatherings and have paid special attention to continue these important traditions.

We have a special courtyard filled with spring and summer wildflowers which is perfect for weddings and anniversaries. Our antiqued white-metal rose arbor arch is perfect to decorate in your colors for your event. We also have perfect places for outdoor canopies and others prefer a celebration before the historic old fireplace as our newly refinished antique maple floor glows around you.

Our celebration room is the perfect place for old-fashioned intimacy with its privacy, warm, cheerful ambience, and broad views over the mountains and valleys.

Choose from a varying price range for delicious and sumptuous foods for you and your guests. Our “New Montana International Cuisine” offers a wide variety of interesting, tasty, and healthy foods, prepared from the freshest ingredients.

Contact us for a celebration that will be a cherished memory for years to come.