Hotel May Victorian Room #1

The Hotel May or Victorian Room #1 honors the first “real” hotel and inn built here, which the owner named after his daughter “May.” The hotel was opened in 1891 in an elegant Victorian style with a veranda encircling the entire building. When the present owners bought the Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa, one could see the remnants of the old clapboard Hotel May where the grey gunite was crumbling on the sides of the present building. The current inn was literally built around the old Hotel May! Hence, the old Victorian hotel is very much a part of the Inn and Spa.

The Hotel May Room #1 can be booked with an adjoining room to form a suite. Both the adjoining rooms are decorated in the classic elegant Victorian style which was rich and tasteful. The Hotel May Victorian Room #1 has a double bed and a full bathroom, while the adjoining “sitting room” (The Hotel May Victorian Room #2) has a day bed with a trundle bed underneath. It also has its own sink.

The suite reflects the elegant Victorian style, which was rich and tasteful. The busy, frilly, somewhat cluttered style we so often associate with the Victorian era came about much later and is what some purists call the “fake Victorian.” We have tried to return to the classic Victorian in this suite and remember Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa in one of her more elegant phases.

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