Indoor Steam Room and Plunges

Our greatest attraction has always been our mineral-laden, geothermal waters coming from deep in the earth that range from 140-175°F.

Many people come to this valley to combine sitting in the healing radon caves and soaking in these healing waters. The combination is very powerful.

The hot geothermal mineral water is piped into our indoor plunges where it is mixed with natural cool water and maintained at a temperature of between 103-106°F.

  • The women’s plunge has a hot pool maintained between 103-106°F and a cool pool which is usually under 70°F.
  • The men’s side has a hot pool maintained at 103-106°F and no cold pool.

Both hot pools are “continuous flow”, completely changing the water in the plunges every four hours. In addition, the plunges are cleaned nearly every night. You will find our plunges to be some of the cleanest and most natural (no harsh chemicals added!) you will ever experience.

Both mens and womens sides of the bath house have dressing rooms, toilets, places to rest, and steam rooms.

The steam rooms are heated by natural mineral geothermal water running through perforated pipes, so the steam baths are natural mineral steam which is very healing and healthy.

Showering before entering is required for the plunges and steam rooms.